Sunday, February 18, 2007

Naked guy running

I didn't witness this insane act, but Jill did. Yesterday, when the temerature was about ten degrees but the wind was strong enough to make the windchill below zero, this nutcase ran in the Freeze Your Buns Winterfest Race wearing what you see: gloves, hat, shorts, shoes. He probably has frostbite on parts he didn't know existed. Don't be fooled by the wet look to the road. This was not spring-like weather.

We went to the Bothy last night and while it wasn't one of our favorite shows, we had a good time. The show had started when we got there so we couldn't sit in our favorite spot, the popcorn machine was broken, and the bar was packed because it was prime rib night, all of which conspired to make us feel a little out of sorts. Such creatures of habit we are.

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