Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More snow

We had about five inches of the lightest, fluffiest snow you have ever seen today. When I brushed it off Joanne's car at the end of the day (I don't drive on snow) it didn't even look real. It looked like something made out of plastic. It really was a gorgeous day. It cleaned up the back yard, too, which was nice. Not so nice in the spring when it all melts...but nice for now. Joanne said when she drove to work, semis would go by and it was like driving with your eyes closed. It's probably what caused that 100-car pile-up on 35 this morning. Semis driving through fluffy snow. Why can't they slow down when it snows?

I watched Pride and Prejudice last night. I've never read the book (bad English teacher!) and still don't know if I want to, but the movie was good. That Mr. Darcy, what an arrogant weasel at first. Those Brits can be so pompous. I'm reading Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier and it's so good I can't stand it. Beautiful writing and a compelling story. I started reading Wil Weaver's short story collection Sweet Land tonight, too. It's the St. Peter Reads book for this winter, and also the Thursday book group selection. I love A Gravestone Made of Wheat and cry almost every time I read it. Of course, since I saw the movie I picture Olaf as being hot, hot, hot!

Tomorrow Emily is picking me up after school and taking me out for dinner, then to Aveda for my hot stone birthday massage. What a treat! I still have a massage and pedicure from Deb, too, but I think I'll wait until sandal weather for that.

We have a busy weekend coming up. the St. Peter Winterfest Parade is Friday night. That should take about 8 minutes if it's like most of St. Peter's parades. Saturday night we're celebrating Valentine's Day with Ella. I'll be sure to post a couple pictures. The Winterfest has lots of quirky activities...my personal favorite is the Chimchanga Festival at the Jesus Church. My next favorite would have to be the rock, paper, scissors contest on Saturday night. Small town stuff.


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