Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cobwebs and Dirt

I don't know why I can walk by a cobweb for eighty days and not see it...and all of a sudden it looks like something shed by a wooly mammoth. I'm doing my semi-annual cleaning today. Ha! Not that bad, really...but it's not something I enjoy. If I had money, I'd do what Christina on Grey's Anatomy suggested...hire a wife. Part of my problem is that I'm random. One of my friends told me she cleans all her mopboards one day every month. In the first place, I wasn't even really aware of those or that they had to be cleaned regularly and in the second place, I would never be able to start at one end of even my small house and go to the other end, cleaning every mopboard without getting distracted. This is the same friend who said she cleans her oven every time she has a day off from school and I said I clean my oven every time I give birth. Today I seem to have a kind of zen-like awareness of cobwebs. Tomorrow it might be dust or dirty floors. Who knows.


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