Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Sweet Ford...Adios, Gerry!

Now, where do you suppose in the universe, this photo op occurred? How strange. I didn't watch any of the festivities surrounding the Ford funeral today...too busy at work. My only real memory of him is getting into an argument with Mike Erickson in Brannigan's when I was in college. Barb Johnson and I made some innocuous comment about Ford and Mike exploded. He was probably more sophisticated politically than we were. Barb and I were your classic dumb blondes in those days. Not like the savvy broads we are today.

I went back to work today after ten days of rest and relaxation at home. It wasn't exactly that with all the holiday preparations, but there were several days I didn't leave the house and a few where I didn't get dressed until afternoon. It was a nice break from getting out of bed every day at 5 and dragging my butt to the EBD school.

Oh, by the way...regarding the title of this post: That's the title of a Beatle's song. I'm not harboring romantic feelings for the former president.


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