Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ghastly Weekend

I don't know if ghastly is an adjective that should be ascribed to a weekend but if you knew the extent of this stomach virus that has visited itself on me, you might agree with the use of the word. Friday I didn't feel quite right. Things got worse from there but I will spare you the grisly details. I have been out of bed about six hours since 3 p.m. on Friday and have had very little to eat, which in itself is enough to make a ghastly weekend. I seem to be over the worst...just roaring bowels and a sort of ugly disposition left behind.

We're getting more snow which did not announce itself by way of the Weather Channel or until this morning. It started snowing lightly about 3 and now is pounding down. We're expecting 8 inches of snow by noon tomorrow. It might be Martin Luther King calling from the grave that public schools should do a better job of honoring his memory. Holy hell. Gerald Ford has been mourned almost longer than he was president. We still have the flag at half-mast at school. The kids put it up so it might be upside down, but it is half-mast.

It's dark or I would post some pictures of our snowstorm. Maybe tomorrow if I don't have to leave for work before the sun comes up.


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