Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

The shortest day of the year. Don't you love it? We have about 8 hours of daylight to start with which is bad enough but now we have clouds all the time. I think that adaptation that bats have...night vision goggles.

I've been slowly doing the Christmas preparations. I went to the grocery store the other night, bought everything on my list for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and realized on my way home that we still didn't have any food to eat between now and then. Good thing the kids are grown up or the county would be knocking at my door. Regis and I are doing some baking tonight. He thinks he wants to make krumkake. Uff da. I told him he had to read up on it and be responsible for the ingredients. He doesn't realize that those damn things take six hours to make and you end up with a little pile of cookies that break when you look at them. He is constantly amazed at the vast array of food Norwegians can make from flour, butter, sugar, and cream.

Tiffany is coming home tonight and she's so much fun to cook for...she's such a good eater! She loves to try things and she's adventurous. She's recovered nicely from her break-up with Connor...doing things she hasn't done before like taking a cab by herself. She'll be here to help with the baking and cooking and maybe even some last minute wrapping and cleaning. All the kids will be here Sunday. Peter has to run the chair lift until 3 but we'll send someone to fetch him after that. He doesn't like to miss a big meal.

One of our classes at school is performing the play Scrooge today. That should entail some real chaos. I was the audience at the dress rehearsal yesterday. It's really quite a thing to get ten mentally impaired kids with every kind of psychiatric diagnosis to wear costumes and read the words of Charles Dickens. I'm not saying they're ready for off-Broadway, but I had a tear in my eye at the end. (And I think I'll get that teacher a big gift certificate for liquor.)

Remember the solstice tonight at 6:21 p.m.!

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