Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why young people have babies

We love Ella dearly but we know why people have babies in their twenties and not in their fifties.BECAUSE THEY ARE A LOT OF WORK. I have forgotten so many details like how you go to the bathroom or eat anything when you are alone with a baby. How do you just put them down when they don't stay in one place? How do you carry all the stuff they need? We picked her up after school today and took her to Whiskey River (the restaurant part...not the bar) for dinner. She ate little bits of ham and fruit and cheese toast and made a huge mess. She loved the lights and the other diners. When we were done eating we went to visit Tom and Betty. They love Ella, too, and had her dancing, playing music, feeding Cheerios to the dog, and smearing fruit all over the glass-top tables. Betty was captivated by her and talked to her in what she described as a "cave man" voice. Ella...toy. Ella has forsaken crawling and walks everywhere like a little drunken sailor. She can even turn around mid-stream and go back the other way. She seems to learn a new thing about once an hour...where her nose and eyes are, how to blow kisses, how to cover her mouth when she's really amazing. We had a wonderful time but now it's 8:30 and we're ready for bed.
The sun came out today for a couple hours. We were stunned and had to shield our eyes from the bright light. Not to 3:00 the clouds were back.

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