Friday, December 22, 2006

Two days and counting...

Tiffany got home last night about 8:30. Bob and Emily and Ella were here tasting cookies. Ella liked the ginger cookies best. We made the ginger cookies, peanut blossoms with chocolate stars, and chex mix.
This morning Regis and I got up early and went to Schmidt's to pick up the prime rib roast. It's too tempting...we came home with pickled herring, summer sausage, and ribs, too. We had breakfast across the street at the diner that's under new ownership. Great breakfast but not fast. Good thing we weren't in a hurry. We mosied down to Mankato to get candy cane ice cream at Cold Stone for my dessert. Then to Kind's for dog food and the bank. Then home for more baking.
Ella came at 12 so Emily could have lunch unaccompanied by baby. We managed to get some baking done...English toffee, peppermint almond bark, and more chex mix. I mixed up some Swedish butter cookies but didn't bake them yet. I'm tired of cooking and doing dishes.
I can't believe the amount of food it takes to do a holiday. Holy crap. I have to make another run to the coop tomorrow for the last minute things...potatoes, beans, and other fresh stuff. Then I better be done.
No big plans for tomorrow. I'll make the dessert but mostly relax and do last minute things.

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