Monday, December 11, 2006

This weather sucks

It's about 40 degrees and rainy today. It looks like the moors and feels like we're in a giant cloud lurking on the ground. I hate it. Weather should be hot in the summer and then proceed gradually and consistently downhill to the cold temps of winter that I remember from my childhood. This abnormal warmth in December is creepy.
I had a lovely surprise when I took my garbage out today. Some creighton has been walking his elephant down my street and apparently lets him crap right along the edge of my yard. I was so disgusted. I picked up about 12 piles in small plastic bags then left the bags right where the piles had been . It looks like I have been carpet bombed with small orange plastic bags. I can see how people get crazy about things like this. I want a webcam! I want to find out who this moron is!
Then a woman named Marvella came to the door to take a picture for our new home owner's insurance policy. I've had the same agent for twenty-five years and it's painful for me to change. I don't like these constant reminders of it. Can't they just do it and be done with it? Do I really need to sign something every day? I sent Marvella into the backyard with her tiny camera and told her to be careful of the dog bombs.
Last night I started reading The Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson. I read about a time when he was kid and his mom talked him into wearing lime green capri pants to school. I laughed so hard I started to wheeze. I had to get off the couch...I was apoplectic. It's a very funny book...the Marley and Me of this season. Of course, anything by Bill Bryson is a hoot.

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