Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Night Whup-Ass

After a weekend of partying, traveling, and living high on the hog, we're in our jammies at 7:30. We had mostly a wonderful time in Rochester with the main exception being that the hotel was full of ten-year old hockey players and their mostly negligent parents. Are those people comatose when the kids are rampaging up and down the halls all night? And the bed sucked but we expect that after sleeping on fine mattresses for all the years Regis has sold beds. I knew it was bad when I came out of the bathroom and Regis had peeled all the sheets back so he could look at the mattress label.

We got to Rochester about 9:30, I did some shopping at Target, then met Steve and Sherry for lunch. We don't see each other much unless it's at a family melee so it was nice to visit with them for a while. Steve suggested I drive to Mantorville in the afternoon so I could visit the shops so I did that. They have a shop that makes hand-made, double-dipped chocolates! We're going to save them for Christmas Eve. Our dinner later Saturday night was wonderful. The Hubbell House is charming and the food is delicious. We had crab cakes, seafood melt, mushrooms Rockefeller, and scallops. We were soporific by the end of the meal. I did more shopping with Sherry Sunday and spent some time at their house. What a nice weekend. It felt like a little vacation even though Regis had to work.

So, back to work tomorrow. What a cruel world.

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