Thursday, December 14, 2006

A reason to bemoan the warm weather

Peter called last night to tell me he worked at Mt. Kato Wednesday, he is working there the next four days, then working at Subway on Sunday, then back to Mt. Kato all next week. Yes, I thought...a fully employed child! My dreams have been fulfilled. It rained all night last night and today it was fifty degrees. So much for full employment.

Regis and I are going to Rochester for the weekend. He has to work both days but his Christmas party is Saturday night at the Hubbell House in Mantorville.
Check it out: []
Here's an excerpt from their website:

In 1856, the present three-story structure was built and it immediately became an important stopping place along the trail from the Mississippi to St. Peter. The well-worn stone threshold at the southwest corner of the building displays immutable evidence of the popularity of the original saloon. It was here that mail couriers entertained westbound travelers with blood-curdling tales of their daily encounters with the natives.

Down through the years the guest list grew. As we enjoy this glimpse of history we see a “Who’s Who?” of frontier days. Senator Alexander Ramsey, General U.S. Grant, Brother Bishop Whipple, Horace Greeley, Ole Bull, and W.W. Mayo were but a few of the many guests who took their relaxation in the pleasant facilities provided at the Hubbell House.

Regis may have to work, but I'm going to be on vacation. We have a room at the Americinn in Kasson, I might have lunch with cousin Steve and wife Sherry, and I might go to TJ Maxx and More. I'm taking a book and my Christmas cards and I'm going to relax. Work has been very stressful of my friends said today that we all get to be an asshole for one day before Christmas. What a lovely sentiment. We laughed. Life with EBD kids.

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