Friday, December 01, 2006

Cold December Night

Hell. It's colder than hell here. And dark. We're approaching the shortest day of the year which means you can hardly get to work and back in daylight. It's disgusting. And the daylight that we do have has been so cloudy that it's like being in the damn Arctic. Last week, there was an armed robbery at our local liquor store. No wonder.
On a happier note, I'm going to TJ Maxx tomorrow as soon as they open. A co-worker of mine came to school today in a coat that made me green with envy. It was a long faux fur dream with a big faux mink hood. I loved it. To make it even more perfect she paid 60 dollars for it at TJ Maxx, my favorite store. She's a teeny tiny size 6 so there isn't much hope, but I have to check it out.
We went to our favorite watering hole after school. The service was terrible but we did plan our Christmas party. There are so few of us anymore that we camp in the corner of the bar and have them bring us plates of appetizers: mini-corn dogs, mini-tacos, cheese logs, and onion rings. It's culinary hell. Hey, that fits with the season.

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