Wednesday, December 27, 2006

After Christmas

Boy, that blew by like the wind. It seems like one day you're thinking about getting ready for Christmas and the next thing you know, it's over. Finally today, I can sit in my new nightgown and drink a second cup of coffee and maybe even go back to bed. I have nothing to do all day.

One thing to do. Tiffany forgot her glasses. She never forgets things. I don't know where she gets her organizational skills...certainly not from me. When she comes home, she makes a list of what to bring and when she gets here, she lines it all up in order of when she needs it. Regis and I, battling old age and full brains, are constantly searching for things to help us remember the things we forget. I bought him a gizmo for Christmas that looks like a remote control. There are eight little colored tags you attach to things you lose frequently like iPod case, keys, glasses. When one of these items goes missing, you push its button on the remote and the item emits a flashing light and beeping noise. Conceivably, a guy could sit in the living room and locate all his stuff in minutes. At least, we're hoping that's how it works. All you nay-sayers, I know what you're thinking...what happens when you lose the remote? There's a holder that you attach to the refrigerator. If you don't return the remote within six minutes, it emits a beeping noise and flashing light to remind you. We'll keep you updated.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with all the kids here: Tiffany, Peter, Bob and Emily, Ella, Regis and Amber. We had lots of good food and a great time. Regis and I spent Christmas Day with Betty and Tom and their new dog, Gonzo. He's a five-month old pug and such a lap dog. The minute you sit down, he drapes himself over your lap like a fuzzy blanket. But no, I am not tempted to get another dog. See previous posts regarding dog pee, poop, and vomit.

Regis left for work early today because there was freezing rain on the weather map. I told him to drive slow because I'd be mad if he had an accident or went in the ditch. I think he is genetically incapable of driving less than 85 mph on a highway so I don't hold out much hope. Who buys a bed two days after Christmas anyway? Maybe the relatives complain and people are moved by guilt to buy a new bed.

Bye for now.

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