Thursday, November 09, 2006

Here we are again...

You might have noticed that the miles are not exactly piling up. Unless it's on that keg bike in the last picture. Hahahaha. What a hoot.
We did a lot of walking on Tusday to get out the vote. Regis, bless his heart, has been such a dedicated campaigner for Kathy Sheran. Christina, her campaign manager, called Regis her "private stock". I hope that means she didn't let on around the office that he would walk and knock in any weather! Tuesday was a long day. Regis walked more than 5 miles, I sat in the car for the middle of the day. We worked from 9 in the morning until almost 7 that evening. It was great to get up Wednesday morning and hear that so many Minnesota Democrats had won their races. Wish we could have stayed at the victory party to hear the speeches at midnight but we couldn't. Maybe next election. It was great fun, the little bit that I did. Regis put in long hours every week.

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