Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Gales of November

Boy, is the weather ugly here. Not cold, not snowy, not anything but gray from horizon to horizon. I was going to avoid writing negative things but it's impossible. Everyone is cranky. Every day is just a procession of one irritating thing after another. Hahahahaa. Well, not really that bad but almost. They say on the news (which I don't watch but someone reported to me...) that people are cranky from seasonal affective disorder. Maybe.
I finally got most of the Halloween stuff put away. I have the vacuum cleaner parked in the middle of the living room. (It really isn't all that hard to walk around.)I have gathered the recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. Today I wondered if it might be warm enough Thanksgiving Day that we can open the porch. Of course, that would entail sweeping the leaves out of there. I think our guests should be grateful that there aren't squirrels loping over their laps and plates.

I think I have to quit. I can't think of one thing to write that isn't cynical or sarcastic. Not appealing, eh?

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