Wednesday, November 29, 2006

End of November

It's about a week after Thanksgiving. We've had three inches of rain in the last three days, and then suddenly, the temperature dropped to 20 degrees. We're expecting zero in the morning.
Regis and I met with a financial advisor after school today. If ever there was a pair in need of financial advice, it is us. She was very nice, didn't laugh at us, and seems to have our best interests at heart. Of course, how does a guy know? She's probably on her way to Aruba tonight with our vast fortune. Actually, she works with lots of school teachers so she's probably used to fifty-four year olds with no money, lots of debt, and hopes for retirement sometime in the future.
After a couple hours with Gretchen, we cruised for a place to assuage our pain with a stiff drink. We went to Hermies and it looked too busy. We went back to Whiskey River and there weren't too many cars so we went in to find our good friends Jan and Anders, drinking Manhattans, as always. Anders mom just died at 96 in Sweden, we hadn't seen them in a while, and we were melancholy about our portfolio so we had a few Manhattans together and finally ordered pork commercials. That goes together...cuisine-wise, right? It's always wonderful to run into Jan and Anders. Anders is going back to Sweden for the funeral in a few weeks (they do it differently there) so we have a date with Jan for a few more Manhattans and maybe another pork commercial. Comfort food. It's cold and dark in Minnesota. Manhattans are medicinal.

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