Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend...four days off!

A fast update. I've managed to get my distance in but it's been a white-knuckle struggle. Yesterday, I put in a disc of Grey's Anatomy and walked two miles because the rest of the weekend, I'd been kind of a slacker. I've walked 28.5 miles so far, which may not sound like much if you're a person who exercises...BUT I DON'T.
Other than that, it's been a nice weekend. We took care of Ella on Thursday. She was a trooper, sleeping in the car, happy when we got her out. We went to Pet Expo where she was fascinated by the rabbits, the guineau pigs, the birds, and the ferrets. We went to Drummer's and bought baby pumpkins, and out for lunch where she left a million Cheerios under the table and we left a big tip on top of the table! When we got home, she slept until her mama got home so Regis and I got a nap, too. I'll post a picture of her sitting on the cold cement in front of Drummer's with the pumpkins and mums. Don't write to protest...she sat there for ten seconds so I don't think it means a future of arthritis and hemmorhoids.
We're busy getting ready for winter. I watered all the shrubs in the last two days, we got the bird feeder up and filled, and the hoses are ready to be disconnected. I have a hundred daffodil bulbs to plant. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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