Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday, October 11

I've gotten to enjoy writing this blog and I realize that I've veered from the original write about our walking adventure. There is something weird about writing, knowing that it's posted but nobody will read it. I always wondered why people would spend their time writing into cyberspace. Always room for a new experience, I guess.
I did my walking today...all on the treadmill. It was about 35 degrees here today with a very stiff wind. Most unpleasant weather. Even my hair stood on end. I put in the second disk of the first season of Grey's Anatomy. I saw Christina get pregnant...well not the actual act, George get syphillis, the chief have surgery for a tumor, and Issy and Christina do an illegal autopsy. Arrrghghghg!!!!! I could turn into one of those people who blogs about television dramas!!!!
I went to my meditation class tonight, too. I've gotten to like it, all but the yoga. I do have to practice non-judgment from time to time but I guess that's the point. I had a couple of revelations. I've been waiting for something magical to happen during the meditation. Not nirvana exactly but something close to a blissful state. I was a little frustrated that it didn't happen and thought I surely must be doing something wrong. Tonight, a doctor who has been through the class several times talked about stress. He said the point is not to reach a blissful state but to practice (they use this word a lot) to retrain your brain in new ways to react to stress. Well, that I think I can do. The bliss thing was out of my league.
Oh my God! Addison just showed up and Meredith didn't know that Derek was married.

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