Sunday, October 08, 2006


Wandering a different path wasn't as relaxing as I thought it might be. There was a storm bearing down on us and I was listening to Bill Maher's Real Time. Talk about political agitation. I did take some nice pictures and I'll post a couple later when Regis gets them out of the camera for me. Other than the short walk and practicing meditation, I haven't done a thing today but sit on the couch, read, and nap. I could blame it on vertigo, but really I just needed a day to relax and read and nap.
I had three goals for 2006...learn to meditate, exercise more, and get rid of clutter. Regis and I read Clutter's Last Stand last winter. Since then, I've taken truck loads of stuff to the dump and to the thrift store and had a garage sale. You could get a car in our garage now if the garbage can full of dirt from the driveway project three years ago wasn't sitting in front of the door. There's still plenty of junk to go but I have a couple months left.
In September, I started taking Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, at the suggestion of my doctor. It's really interesting and something I always enjoyed reading about...the connection between mind and body. I just never did anything about it even though I have books, CD's, videos, etc. So, now every Wednesday night, I take my shoes off at the door of a room at the St. Peter Community Hospital and sit in silence with other people learning to meditate. I don't like the yoga part...I get what I have diagnosed via the internet as benign positional vertigo when I move my head too much or change positions. It's unpleasant. The other parts, I have learned to love...the body scan, the seated meditation, walking meditation, and doing things mindfully.
And if you are a regular reader of our blog ( anyone is) then you know that we signed up for the Walk 500 Challenge meaning that we have committed to walking 500 miles from October 1, 2006 to October 1, 2007. Last week, I walk 10.9 miles. I write it down but I'm trying not to focus so much on how (or how much) I'm doing but rather on why.

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