Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tough day!

Sunday night was the worst. We didn't walk until Regis got home at 10, which is late for me. He likes to take the dogs and I think they're a pain in the ass. He puts his head down and goes like a bat out of hell and I like to wander and look at things so I could hardly keep up. He didn't feel good and was cranky and tired so I was ready to whip one of Bert's fully-loaded poop bags over my head like a whirly-bird. It was ugly. I quit after a mile and went home. Regis came home shortly after and fell into bed with his shoes and pants on. It was a long time before he could move enough to undress.
I've had one other unpleasant side effect. The first week, I was taking Alieve every 12 hours to keep from getting stiff and sore. By Sunday, I had this weird breathing thing going on...like I couldn't get a deep breath. I finally went to see my doctor yesterday. She thinks it's a bronchial spasm caused by acid reflux caused by the Alieve. Good grief. In my yoga class, I get benign positional vertigo when I move my head too much. I think I was healthier when I was sedentary.
Last night, I walked a mile on the treadmill without stopping. When I started, it was a four-break deal to walk a mile so that's progress, eh? I like to put Grey's Anatomy on and watch that while I walk. Nothing like a little sex and drama to make the time fly. It makes it fairly painless.
I figured out on the calculator that we have to walk 1.4 miles every day. That means if you get behind, you're pretty much screwed. Unless we work up the stamina to go three miles at a time to catch up and I don't really see that happening. I like to go a little extra every day...some days that's hard. Tomorrow we're supposed to have freezing rain and snow. That won't be much fun.

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