Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Later on October 10, 2006

I walked a mile on the treadmill while watching Grey's Anatomy (Season 1), then walked down to our favorite watering hole, Patrick's to meet my friend Karen for a beer and a grilled cheese sandwich. We read essays for the education department at Gustavus and like to get together over a beer to talk about what we read. Actually, the essays turn the beer into a literary event. It's a dark and gloomy autumn evening. On my walk, I saw: a beautiful little ginko tree on Third Street, an iris blooming in Marie Drantell's front yard, a robin that probably should be heading south, the new sign at the bank, and Dave Dreessen, our old PE teacher who moved to South Dakota last summer.
I didn't take my cell phone, and when I got home, I had about a dozen missed calls. Ella had an allergic reaction to eggs and Emily had to take her to Urgent Care. Emily called, Bob called, Regis called, Tiffany called....and the phone was home on the table. All is fine now. Ella's back home with benedryl and an appointment with an allergist next week.
I have a pedometer but I can't read the damn thing. I don't know what all those numbers are for...good grief.

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