Sunday, October 08, 2006

Day #8

I can see this will get pretty tedious if we stick to the same route every day. The writing, I mean. It's been a busy weekend but we managed a mile and a half Friday morning and a mile Saturday night. Nothing new with the dogs. Bert's gotten a little addled in his old age and he stops to poop whenever the mood hits him...even right under a streetlight on the sidewalk. He used to have enough discretion to get in the shadows. Because Kramer can't see very well, he's startled by every leaf that blows...and there are lots of them this time of year!
Tiffany was here this weekend. We had a nice time...went shopping, stopped to see Peter and their new dog, Odie, and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. She got to see Ella last night. Ella, even when she didn't tolerate the rest of us very well, always like Tiffany. She stares at her face and sometimes puts her little hands on Tiffany's cheeks.
Looks like another gorgeous fall day in Minnesota...but snow showers coming Wednesday. It won't be the end of fall but a warning shot for winter.
I might take a walk today without the dogs...and just go where I feel like going.

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