Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cranky? Me?

I can't believe he expects me to get cranky about this! I've been a good sport...I have several pair of new shoes, athletic socks, pants and a t-shirt that look like something a person who exercises might wear...and I walked a mile and a half this morning. Regis is usually the one who perseveres through bad weather, sore knees, and being tired. Maybe he's the wieness, after all.
I can't say it's fun to crawl out of bed before the sun comes up, especially after the neighbor's dog kept me awake half the night but I do feel good when it's done. And there are funny parts. Regis handles both dogs because he's the dog whisperer of our house. Bert and Kramer know that I am afraid they'll start a brawl with any cat, squirrel, or St. Bernard that comes along so I have no control over them. They go in every direction and get tangled up around my feet. Regis has a great routine...one leash in each hand, poop bags in his pockets, and down the road he goes. I try to stay slightly behind, at about the 7:00 position. When a dog lingers too long at a sniff or a whizz and gets behind, he tosses the leash over my head like a lariat and we're back on track. It's like synchronized dog walking or dog ballet. Can't you see it?
We do have different preferences for walking. I like to strike out whichever way my mood dictates and go a different way every time. Regis has several routes mapped out and he likes to follow one of them, depending on how far he wants to go. The problem with my method is that sometimes I get a long ways away from home, and then have to drag my sorry, tired butt home. He likes to take the dogs. I would prefer they stay home. I like to look at things and he likes to put his head down and get it done. At least that's how I see it.

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