Sunday, October 01, 2006

Buns of Stone Day #1

Regis and I signed up to take the Walk 500 Challenge in St. Peter. That means we are committed to walking 500 miles in the next year starting today. We dragged our lazy butts around the 1.25 mile loop TWICE today. The last few blocks were tough so we amused ourselves by thinking of the witty and sarcastic things we could write in a blog to document our efforts. So, here we go.

Blah, Blah, Blah. She makes it sound as though we crawled home for those last two blocks. Truth be told Teresa was suggesting that we can the 500 mile goal and go for a more "realistic" number. That would be in total violation of the man law that states that no matter how foolish the goal we must plug away. Look at other famous men who have gone before. George Custer who said, "Where did all these Indians come from?" after having traveled way too far west. Or how about Robt Scott, the Antarctic explorer, who said, "Well, we must continue on." after the death of his pack horses. Wait, these guys both died untimely deaths. Hmmmm. Actually we are only paying the price for waiting until the last minute and not getting into shape. We'll muddle through. I am concerned for Bert (our Jack Russell). He will be 13 in a few weeks and although he made this morning's mile and an eighth with no trouble, tonight he began to resemble a car with a bad wheel. This is part of a Community Walk program for which we shelled out 15 bucks each and I'll be damned if my name is going to end up on a list some where with 5 miles litsed next to my name come this time next year. refer to man law 67.

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JB said...

500 miles in a year, huh? Do you people realize you live in Minnesota? How many of these beautiful mornings do you get in a year? Good luck, though.