Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Buns of resentment? Day#3

There is probably a psychological profile for those who choose to embark on an exercise regimen.
There are no doubt a series of steps or phases that comprise the entire experience. Examples would be: Step 1. The realization that one is out of shape. Step 2 would be to acquire motivation. Step three would be to set a date etc, etc all the way down to the step where you toss your hands in the air in what is either a signal of triumph or one of disgust. I think that I have gotten to the point where the little aches and pains have begun to take hold. It is the point where the muscles are sore from this strange activity called exercise. I have arrived at the point where gravity almost overcomes me in my effort to get out of bed at 5:30 AM. Yes, I have reached the point of inertia. I would venture to guess that the dogs are the only beings in our house who are still willing to hit the pavement at such an ungodly hour. All of this and it is but day three, the weather is still beautiful, and Teresa has yet to become cranky. And , by the way, if anyone might be interested Google has a feature called mapmyrun that will calculate the distance you have gone. It looks like a good excuse to buy a GPS unit if you ask me.

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