Monday, October 30, 2006

Almost Halloween!

Being my birthday, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and Regis indulges me by carving one of these fancy pumpkins every year. We had a Marilyn Monroe pattern for the other pumpkin that we bought but it had already started to turn to mush so we had to forget about that. Isn't this one great?
We walked a mile last night...with the dogs. About two blocks from home, there were two huge huskies, unleashed, in a yard. They came charging at Bert and Kramer, who, being terriers, put on their most ugly fighting faces. It was a brief, but unpleasant battle. The owner of the dogs was there and called them off. I'm not much help in a crisis...I clap my hands over my ears and shriek. Other than that heart-pounding excitement, it was a pleasant walk.

From Regis - OK, so the walks with the dogs can be a little exciting. I am going to have to start carrying some pepper spray or someting. The problem last night is that I was too busy talking and thus was not paying attention. Usually I have the awareness of a Ninja turtle. Last night I had only a turtle's reflexes. What kind of a moron leaves two apparently aggressive huskies unattended in his front yard? When the smoke had cleared there was no damage and Teresa was a half block away. Those two nitwit dogs of ours are Terriers through and through and never back down from a fight. I suspect that Kramer is actually working undercover. When you see him around people he is totally gentle, he is so blind that he will attack lawn art because he thinks it is a rabbit or something, and he is as dumb as a box of rocks. You'd have to see him when you walk into a room and see him just standing there staring off into space as though he were receiving signals from the Mothership. In battle however he has phenomenal instincts. He manages to latch on to his target in such a way as it can't bite back. When we finally separated them last night, and I was sure that Kramer would be maimed, there he was latched on to the Huskie's throat.
Yes, we carved the pumpkin last night. The witch turned out well, but the pumpkin was highly suspect. It was way too dry, but it only has to go a couple of days so it should survive. Anyone know where October went?


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